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When I join with other men to keep focused on the business of growing, I often find ourselves talking about the need to improve on listening instead of trying to fix problems. I believe this is because our Creator God has created us, as men, to fill needs, fix problems, and fill where there is lack. This is a natural strength He has built within all men.

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As you and I steward our lives though, we must realize we are not meant to fill all the needs we see or experience. Just because the coffee needs to be served, people need to be greeted, or children need to be watched at church, does not mean you or I are the ones to do it. Not all needs are equal and not all acts of service are equal.

[pq align=right]You and I were created with natural skills and gifted for eternal purpose.[/pq] We have a calling to fulfill, and unless a need is in alignment with our purpose, filling it is a distraction. When we say “Yes,” to something we are saying, “No,” to everything else at that moment in time. Our family, our work, our church, and our community will be missing something if we’re filling needs that distract us from our purpose.

It is easy to over commit. It is easy to let the priorities of our purpose get lost in a desire to serve and fill all the needs around us. However, we must know our purpose, our gifts, our skills, and use them as the filter through which we look opportunities to fill needs. This includes business opportunities, charitable opportunities, and spiritual opportunities. [pq align=left]Always be looking to serve in your purpose, and not just to fill a need.[/pq]

[reminder]How do you filter out needs that distract from your purpose so you can live through your calling?[/reminder]