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What is Biblical Entrepreneurship?

BE1 Sample: Biblical Profit

Barry James, President and CEO of James Investment Research, Inc. says…

Our firm tries to follow God Honoring Principles and we want to improve the reputation of our industry.  As Christians running a for profit business, we want to try and influence our clients, our staff and those we work with in a positive way for the Kingdom of God.  As such, we are trying to think long term with regards to continuing the legacy that has been built and hoping to see it grow in the future. 

This is the reason we invited the Nehemiah Project to present Biblical Entrepreneurship 1 to staff members who were interested in taking the course.  It opened our eyes to what we have been doing well and how we can do even better in building our business for the future.  It also helped many of our team to realize how following Biblical Principles can help create a dynamic, satisfying and inspiring work place. 

My biggest hope, was for the younger team members to catch the vision and embrace the spirit of following Biblical Principles in our business.  I think it did that well, we still have discussions about what we learned and how it applies to what we do.

Barry James

President & CEO, James Investment Research, Inc.

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