Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Private Equity, Mergers, and Acquisitions.

Kingdom Business Coach, David Robertson

David Robertson, Kingdom Business Coach

David Robertson works exclusively with eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors to advance the Kingdom of Christ through private equity & business.

David Robertson is responsible for 3 of the United States' Fastest Growing Companies. He has successfully navigated 4 company purchases. David has had the pleasure to consult for Forbes, Fast Company, Chet Holmes International, and the largest consulting firm in North America.

With a wide range of industry experience he prides himself on the ability to quickly See Growth Strategy, Build Team Culture, and Create Profit with a Purpose.

David has spent the last 17 years personally implementing business growth strategies, advising mergers and acquisitions strategies, investing into start ups, and mastering business as a tool for transforming lives and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Private Equity as a Great Commission Strategy

The Private Equity industry contains a quickly growing opportunity for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Founders to come together to advance the Kingdom of Christ and accomplish the great commission simultaneously. This Kingdom-First, Private Equity Strategy will become a popular business strategy for those looking to grow their business value while discipling cities, cultures, communities, industries, and individuals through doing business God's way.

David leads a team of highly successful professionals who are completely dedicated to helping you find and buy, sell, or invest in businesses to advance the Kingdom of Christ. If you need help just get in touch!

David Robertson, Christian Business Coach

David Robertson is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and coach passionate about Advancing the Kingdom of Christ in business.

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